Best Practices

The foundation of AWE is strongly rooted in best practices. We believe that creating a trauma-sensitive school environment and utilizing restorative practices go hand-in-hand. Ensuring AWE is a trauma-sensitive school will support students in connecting with adults and peers who support and care about them, while restorative practices  work to support a culture of prevention and healing, rather than blaming and punishment. These two beliefs and practices support the growth and development of the whole student.

Project Wayfinder


Belonging is a precursor to student academic achievement and social-emotional development. When students feel safe in their learning environment, they learn to take risks that encourage growth. Project Wayfinder supports schools in the implementation of a beautiful and rich curriculum about belonging.

AWE's Pillars

Having a common language is important to all schools, the pillars of AWE serve as that common language.

  • Being Available for Learning
    • Ex. I am here to support your needs.
  • Feeling Worthy of positive relationships and rich curriculum.
    • Ex. I value your thoughts and insights.
  • Being Empowered to make decisions that support individual goals and aspirations.
    • Ex. You have made a decision that benefits you and your goals.

      SEL, VT Transferable Skills, and Academic Proficiencies

Students will have the opportunity to set goals in all of these areas. While staff will provide scaffolding and direct instruction to support student learning, students will record evidence to show mastery of skills.

Unique Learning Experiences

Taking risks for students is hard, building a supportive and scaffolded system of support that is first focused on belonging, then rooted in AWE's pillars, is strongly connected to skills students want or need to work on, and always supported by teacher instruction, students will be able to take advantage of project blocks at AWE and unique learning experience in the community.

Putting it all together