The most important skills required for success after high school, like communication and self-direction, can be found across all academic disciplines and opportunities, these skills are not content-specific. These skills are known as transferable skills, skills that transfer across settings. By providing students with opportunities to demonstrate these skills and for teachers to give feedback and support, students are becoming more prepared to for life out of the classroom. 

The State of Vermont has outlined five core transferable skills:

  1. Clear and Effective Communication

  2. Creative and Practical Problem Solving

  3. Informed and Integrative Thinking

  4. Responsible and Involved Citizenship

  5. Self-Direction

    Every piece of the curriculum offered at AWE is explicitly tied to the VT Transferable Skills. Additionally, students will be setting short term (quarter long) goals that require them to reflect upon how they have been meeting their goals centered around the transferable skills.

    A Quarterly Flow Chart

AWE's Transferable Skills Goal-Setting Sheet

Student Goal-Setting Sheet Q1


Why Goal-Setting is Important for Students