Stacy Raphael

Hello there, I'm excited to be continuing as an educator in this alternative program as it evolves into its next phase as Addison Wayfinder Experience. I've been working with students in this program since 2018 as the general classroom educator so this will be my third year teaching here--although "here" has now changed from our previous home in Middlebury to our new home in Addison. Prior to this position, I taught English Language Arts at Edmunds Middle School and English at Middlebury Union High School. For over ten years before I began my formal teaching career, I also directed school programs and partnerships at the Flynn Center in Burlington, and ran grantmaking and education programming for the Vermont Arts Council in Montpelier. I have a Masters in Education from Goddard College and completed my teaching certification through Champlain College's teacher apprenticeship program (TAP).

This year, I am thrilled to be moving to a focus on teaching the humanities to 7th-12th grade students, since Jeff Duggan is joining our team to teach STEM content. Integrated humanities learning is my passion. I like to use inquiry to explore big ideas, discover new things, and grow as a teacher and learner. I'd describe myself as curious, passionate, and sometimes, current students will attest, a little goofy. 

I am not afraid to make mistakes and I encourage students to also embrace failure as a very good starting point for real, authentic learning. Without mistakes, we don't learn. Without reflecting on mistakes, we don't learn. Without the belief that we can do hard things, we don't learn. I believe everyone can do hard things and can grow into the best version of themselves. I believe we are bodies filled with limitless potential waiting to be expressed in ways that are unique to each of us and our different gifts and unique abilities.

Things that bring me joy are making music--singing, songwriting, playing guitar and ukulele with one of my two bands; cooking, baking, gardening--even though I don't have a very "green" thumb; reading and writing--I love nonfiction and read education books "for fun" but I try to read a balance of YA books and literary fiction, as well; swimming and hiking--I really want to start backpacking more and tackle some of the Long Trail soon; teaching and learning--with an emphasis on learning. I have two kids and a feline fur baby named Spoon. I live with my husband and family in Vergennes and am so happy to be at AWE this year.