We are a small K-6 school located in the heart of Addison.

We are part of the Addison NorthWest School District (ANWSD). Our Principal is Kathleen Kilbourne.

Our School Beliefs

  • We believe every child is born with natural curiosity and the desire to learn. 
  • We believe every child is unique and has great potential; and our school must create an environment that will allow each child to achieve that potential. 
  • We believe the family is the primary influence in the development of the individual child and every family must be recognized and supported by our school. 
  • We believe the maintenance and advancement of civilized society is dependent upon our educational system and therefore a superior education for our children is the responsibility of the whole community and is worth the investment. 
  • We believe our school and our students must contribute to their community. 
  • We believe learning must be an exciting, enjoyable, lifelong endeavor for all members of our school and community. 
  • We believe our children have the right to learn in a safe, respectful, positive, and nurturing educational environment and the responsibility to behave in a manner that enhances that environment. 
  • We believe our school must set high behavioral and academic standards in order for our children to be successful. 
  • We believe our school must offer a rich curriculum that evolves from social, behavioral, and academic standards of excellence. 
  • We believe our school must offer an educational environment in which each child develops self confidence and values and appreciates diversity.


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Our Mission

"Cultivating independent citizens with excellent skills for the future. Developing solid academic skills and strong work ethics. Learning in a climate of mutual respect with a sense of stewardship for our school, community, nation and planet."

District Vision

"We envision a kind, collaborative, and creative community for all that nurtures a diverse and accessible learning environment. Students will flourish as critical thinkers and productive citizens, cultivating resilience in an ever-changing world."



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