Our Program Pillars

Beyond what is mentioned in our mission and vision statements, the following beliefs also guide our daily practice, interaction, and care for our students, families, and ourselves as colleagues.


Many factors impact a student’s availability to learn. These factors may be emotional, social, physical, or behavioral. When students struggle to be available for learning, A.W.E. will utilize a variety of resources to support students in identifying triggers, emotions, or ideas that are impeding their ability to access their academics. By identifying barriers, students can work with staff and peers to practice skills in a safe environment, build new coping skills, and learning to persevere through challenges.


All students deserve to feel a sense of belonging in their school community. When students feel as though they belong and are appreciated, their ability to engage in challenging work around emotions, academics, and peer interactions grow. Focusing on ensuring students feel welcomed, honored, and appropriately challenged allows them to develop into more confident learners with skills to advocate for themselves or peers, take academic risks, and problem-solve complex situations.


Committing to the creation and maintenance of a learning community that is inclusive, safe, and full of encouragement, staff and students foster a stronger sense of belonging. This increased sense of belonging empowers students and staff to take risks and grow. Giving students time to grow as learners encourages a deeper integration of ideas across curriculum areas, increased meaningful collaboration, an opportunity to apply skills to real-world applications, and supports students in setting more robust goals for themselves.