Hi Everyone and Welcome!

My name is Ashley Hanlon and I'm the director of AWE. I'm so excited to be joining this school community and I'm looking forward to a great year!

For the past 13 years I've been an educator in Vermont. I started off my career as a science teacher in an alternative program waaaay up in Derby, VT. After a few years there I moved closer to Burlington and began teaching in a different alternative program. It was there that I decided I wanted to be a special educator! For the past five years, I've been working in an "on campus" support, still in alternative education- long story short, I Love Alternative Education!

Here's why:

 First, alternative education relies heavily on the relationships you build with students and there is nothing better than that! Second, alternative education forces me outside of my comfort zone and causes me to grow as a teacher and colleague. Lastly, it has taught me about the importance of family and school relationships. These strong connections are a big part of student success!

A Little About Me

Outside of school, I live with my husband, our three kids, two dogs, two cats, a bunch of chickens, and bees. I love the fall, Halloween is my absolute favorite seasonal holiday, I enjoy a good true crime novel, and I'm fascinated by our night sky. 

My Hopes for AWE

My hope is that this school will be a safe place for students, a place where they feel respected and encouraged. I'm looking forward to the exciting curriculum students will have access to and the unique experiences they will encounter.